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Used small suvs with-best gas mileage

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used small suvs with-best gas mileage

Most Popular Small SUVs Ranked by Gas Mileage

If you are shopping for a vehicle with maximum energy frugality for adventures. According to the 2021 EPA Automotive Trends Report, auto SUVs (or lower SUVs) have seen a 22 increase in energy frugality from 2016 to 2023.

For all gas- powered vehicles, there are three mpg numbers — mega city, trace, and combined. For environment, it’s worth understanding what to look for in energy frugality, since real- world driving tends to be a combination of slow- moving mega city driving( with plenitude of stops and thresholds) and trace driving that allows you to increase your speed and hit voyage control. Arguably, the combined mpg figure gives the most accurate account since it’s the weighted normal of mega city and trace numbers — two veritably different driving conditions.

For passenger space, weight chops, and fund- book peace of mind, an energy-effective small SUV could be the each- rounder you are looking for. We linked nine of the most popular small SUVs at Car Max and ranked them by their EPA- estimated concerted energy frugality.

All vehicles on our list are 2018 models. When we grated the figures, this model time came up as the largest sample size in our force for the small SUV order. According to the EPA, new small SUVs with the model time 2018 had an average combined MPG of 24.†

 Nissan Rogue Hybrid — 34 MPG

For style, comfort, practicality, and emotional energy effectiveness, it’s the Nissan Rogue Hybrid that takes top honors. The 2018 Rogue mongrel dryads a 2L, four- cylinder gas machine with an onboard electric motor and automatic transmission for a blockbuster EPA- estimated 34 mpg combined.

Further avail means further freedom and the Nissan Rogue Hybrid could not be more inviting. The mongrel is only available in the Rogue’s advanced SV and SL trim configurations, but luxury becomes standard then, with smartphone integration, a power lift gate, heated front seats, and a suite of motorist backing aids.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid — 32 MPG

Taking the number two spot in our energy-friendly table is the 2018 Toyota RAV4 mongrel. Powered by a2.5 L machine with onboard electric motor technology and AWD capability, you can anticipate this client favorite to power you on, and on, and on, with an EPA- estimated 32 mpg combined.

motorist backing features similar as adaptive voyage control and automatic exigency retardation are standard, plus hinder sequestration glass, binary- zone automatic climate control, and 17- inch amalgamation bus keep you and your crew looking and feeling like gemstone stars on the move.

Chevrolet Equinox — 32 MPG

he turbo diesel motor of the 2018 Chevrolet Equinox delivers some serious service for motorists that use their agency for work and recreation. However, the FWD or AWD 1, if your diurnal schedule is full of errands and movables .6 L turbo diesel Equinox with mechanical transmission delivers an EPA- rated 32 mpg associated.

With Chevy Teen motorist monitoring as standard, you can set a speed end alert for your teen motorist whenever their fixed key fob is in use. The Equinox also includes an assortment of distraction tech contained via a seven- inch touchscreen — this is a vehicle you will be happy to partake with the whole family.

Honda CR-V — 30 MPG

When musketeers and family live out of state, planning passages to visit them feels easier when your lift is energy-effective. The 2018 Honda CR- V with the turbo1.5 L machine, standard FWD, and automatic transmission returns an EPA- estimated 30 mpg combined.

Pairing energy- economy with a turbocharged machine is the big draw then as the CR- V responds to the road with vigor, while its interior confines (include cu- ft. of standard weight space) mean this majestic compact SUV can go the distance for passages that include loved bones and their baggage.

Mazda CX-5 — 29 MPG


For smart styling and further long hauls from your tank of gas, the 2018 Mazda CX- 5 with the2.2 L machine, FWD, and an automatic transmission achieves a truly emotional EPA- estimated 29 mpg combined

As the motorist, you will love its responsive running, while passenger comforts are where it excels for family and musketeers. The three- trim CX- 5 has meliorated interior finishing and plenitude of standard features from the base trim overhead involving a seven- point infotainment touchscreen, Bluetooth ® connectivity, and reclining hinder seats.

Jeep Compass — 25 MPG


The 2018 Jeep Compass can grasp you beyond between load- ups as you navigate diurnal life. The standard machine for all trims is a2.4 L four- cylinder, and when paired to the six- or nine- speediness mechanical transmission, you will profit from an EPA- estimated 25 mpg combined.

This hard SUV provides deep seats for longer trip relief, alongside41.8 elevation of legroom for the frontal row seats and38.3 elevation for the reverse. Fold- flat capability for that hinder row turns your five- seat focus into a59.8 cu- ft. weight carrier.

Jeep Renegade — 25 MPG

Still, the Jeep Renegade has you covered for experience- filled weekends, If you regularly grasp off for the mounts or like to explore your megacity in detail. The 20182.4 L FWD Renegade dials in an EPA- evaluated 25 mpg conjoined, a nifty number that provides a balance of energy effectiveness and debonair driving.

The Renegade’s upmarket immolation focuses on passenger keeping and includes a standard-issue six- speaker audio system, a five- inch touchscreen, rearview camera, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Ford Escape — 24 MPG

Pick the 2018 Ford Escape, and its three machine options not only give good energy frugality numbers, but you can also find an interpretation that suits your driving style and the roads you regularly navigate, too. The FWD model with the2.5 L machine achieves an EPA- estimated 24 mpg combined.

The turbocharger L is equipped with voluntary AWD and the FWD interpretation of the turbocharged 2L also gets an EPA- estimated 24 mpg combined.

Immaculately suited to youthful professionals and families that want style and convenience, the Escape has plush interior finishing and 34 cu- ft. of space behind the alternate row

Volkswagen Tiguan — 24 MPG

All trims of the commodious 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan are powered by a turbocharged 2L machine. In its FWD replication, the Tiguan achieves an EPA- evaluated 24 mpg combined.1 Keeping you compounded to your online world are standard Apple Car Play ® and Android Auto ™ connectivity. For groups that enjoy tripping coincidently, look for a Tiguan prepared with an voluntary third row of seating, taking capacity to seven.

Still, one of these high- mpg vehicles could be a good choice, If you regularly hit the trace on your diurnal commute or just want to save on long hauls as you run around city. Indeed the most actionable solid SUV can fashion a great companion for weekend adventures you get the stylish of all worlds.

Who We Are

At Car Max, we have been buying and dealing buses since 1993, and we have made it our business to pay close attention to which buses guests like — and buy — the most. As the largest habituated auto bus retailer in the United States, our overall sample size is large and reflective of the variety of times, makes, and models that we vend.

How We Ranked This List

To produce this list of Car Max’s most popular small SUVs with the stylish gas avail, our judges looked at Car Max’s vehicle and deals data over a six- month period( March 1, 2022 through August 31, 2022) to determine the 9 top- dealing small SUV s. From there, we ranked these results by their EPA- evaluated associated MPG. making ago over a six- month period allows for the loftiest sample size practicable while also furnishing up- to- date pricing information. Specially, this list includes only 2018 mode


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